Love heart is our heart and kidney health supplement

It is for anyone, who has cardiovascular health issues, these maybe brought about from obesity, being elderly and less active, or genetic conditions.

It is also an absolute must, for any steroid user, both male and female.

Using anabolics will lower your hdl ( good cholesterol) and raise your ldl ( bad cholesterol) , avoiding this is so imperative to avoiding cardio vascular issues . Hdl is hugely cut from even just 10mg anavar, so all females need to understand that taking a low dose anabolic, comes with serious impacts on your lipid. ( hdl and ldl)

Love heart is designed by Jp , to use for himself, in the pursuit of maximum progress.

Why is our supplement different from others on the market?

This part is key, as JP only uses the very best raw materials . Many say this, but the only way to proove it, is using patented raws, like we do, in love heart.

what does that mean?

when you look at the panel , you will see our bergamot , is from the pharmacy brand , Bergamonte, they make the best bergamot in the world. So when an ingredient is not from a patented raw, it can potentially be from anywhere, and this does not GUARANTEE its quality. it is like buying generic chinese GH vs buying pharmacy grade. The generic Gh may well still be good, but it is not GUARANTEED , so whenever you see patented raw materials, always pick them.

why do companies not all us them?

they cost more , so it cuts profit margins. Most companies are not run by someone who needs the supplements, JP pushes his body harder than anyone, he needs the quality, he needs the certainty that its the best.

Bergamot Bergamonte combined with our other patented raw Kaneka Ubiquinol , works synergistically to protect your lipid profile

we have also include grape seed and celery seed extract to help lower blood pressure

blood pressure rises from anabolic use, keeping it in range, is key to protect kidney health

For further reference , all of JPs family use love heart , his father in particular, benefiting immensely in his blood work and blood pressure

Per Serving

  • 500mg Bergamonte® Citrus Bergamot
  • 200mg Kaneka® Ubiquinol
  • 400mg Grape Seed Extract
  • 200mg Celery Seed Extract (10:1)


Rice bran (Bulking agent), Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide (Anti caking agents)

Compound Ingredients

Gum Arabic, Maltodextrin (corn), L-Absorbic acid.


Soya, Celery, Celery Seed.